Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to be on a Havoc Spring Team?

There are many variables that affect the cost to be a part of a spring team. Each team is unique in their age, commitment level, desire to travel, non parent coaching, location of practices, number of tournaments, apparel the team requires from year to year etc.

Here is a general range in costs you can expect to pay to be part of a Havoc Spring Hockey Team

1. Tryouts: $25-$40 per tryout (can be 1-4 tryouts skates depending on the team). These ice times are valuable for development as Havoc Hockey draws very competitive, highly skilled players to attend our tryouts. The fees for tryouts also cover the costs to run tryouts including ice, coaches, evaluations, check in staff, recruiting, marketing, website etc.
2. Deposit: $500 required to accept the invitation to join a team. Due within 24 hrs of receiving an invite letter.
3. Balance: $600-$995 Due in January 2018.
4. Apparel: $100-$350
4. Cash Call: $150+ depending on number of tournaments & extra's the team decides on once formed.

When will we be notified if we made a Havoc Spring team?

We are changing our process for 2017 providing a very transparent process with regards to the the team selection process. We will be posted Tryout lists directly on our website 2-3 days before the tryout. By 9:00pm the following day you will receive an invitation letter if you have been selected to join a team. You will have 24 hrs to respond from the time you receive this invitation which will also include your $500 non refundable deposit. All players who have not been selected will receive a notification no more than 4 days after the tryout. This will allow for us to select the next player in ranking should someone not accept our invitation for any reason.

What is the difference between Elite and AAA?

Havoc Hockey will be offering 1-2 teams at each birth year in 2018. We offer Elite travel teams and Gold level AAA teams from Timbits up to Bantam.

Havoc Elite Teams...

The Elite teams are made up of players who are recruited from all over Southern Alberta. We find the top player from areas such as Lethbridge, Canmore, Olds, Drumheller, Chestemere, Okotoks, Cochrane, and of course those here in Calgary. Once finding the top players we hold tryouts to create the Havoc Elite Travel team. Creating, coaching and being part of a team of this level is a huge commitment. Due to the combination of: commitment, skill level, and understanding of the game, our Elite teams must travel to find competition. Therefore they typically attend two out of province tournaments, host an Elite level tournament and will attend another local tournament playing up an age group.

Havoc AAA Teams...

The AAA Gold teams were created to provide even more highly skilled players an opportunity to benefit from having other like-minded players on their teams as well as experienced coaching. Players we recruit for our AAA Gold teams are always the top players from their organizations similar to the Elite teams. These players are all very highly skilled and dedicated. They love the sport but may not want to, or have the means to travel. Also, depending on the birth year, there may just not be enough room on the Elite team for all the players capable of playing at that level. The AAA Gold teams are expected to play in the Gold division of any Alberta tournament and be able to compete with any other Southern Alberta spring team.

The development opportunities for both Elite and AAA Gold are the same. There are endless opportunities we can offer for all levels of players in our program to test themselves with and against the highest caliber of hockey for their age and even a year older in some cases.

What does Havoc look for in Players when selecting the teams?

Hockey Hockey strives to recruit and develop young athletes of the highest caliber for all Timibts to PeeWee. Our spring players are chosen based on ability, character, integrity, potential, work ethic, and commitment. Havoc Hockey players must be dedicated team members who are coach-able and competitive and have families who act respectful at all times whether it be towards other players, parents, coaches, our organization, and our opposition.

Does Havoc Hockey have a home arena?

Havoc Hockey uses a variety of facilities. Havoc runs all major events out of Winsport as this is a world class facility which we are extremely grateful to have access to. Our Havoc Elite Invitational tournament, 3 on 3 tournaments, tryouts and many speciality camps are run out of Winsport. However our spring teams do not typically practice at Winsport. Our main location for practices and spring development programs are held at Fairview Arena and Rose Kohn.

Do you provide refunds?

Sorry but there are no refunds for tryouts, deposits, balance of fees or cash calls. Since we do tryouts for a very high level team, if a player decides to withdraw for any reason it become nearly impossible to replace that player's skill level. Most spring hockey team participants will join other teams if they are not selected for Havoc so although the demand is very high in the fall to join our program it is difficult to replace a player after tryouts have been completed and still maintain the high skill level expectation the committed families expect upon acceptance.

Do Havoc teams have parent or non-parent coaches?

We often use both parent and non parent coaches. This again depends on the team. The costs of professional coaches for all practices, games and tournaments can run very high. Therefore we try to minimize these costs by offering teams development sessions with professional coaches once per week in addition to parent run team practices. At times we have hired coaches for the entire season but again this all affects the costs and varies depending on the team and age of the players. We often have younger assistant coaches who help assist on teams which can be lots of fun for the players to have someone to look up to as well. Details regarding your specific team are provided in the invitation letter. Havoc Hockey has a very strong reputation for having amazing coaching on each and every team we put together.

How often are Havoc Spring Teams on the ice in the spring?

Havoc Spring teams typically practice between 20-30hrs in the spring and will attend 1-3 tournaments depending on the team.

When does the spring season start?

For 2018 the spring season will start Monday, April 2nd and run no later than June 10th. The season runs for 8-10 weeks depending on the team. Parents should expect 2 ice times per week at the minimum.

Does Havoc Hockey offer any alternative programs that are not the cost or commitment of Spring Teams?

Yes! We offer a fundamentals program which runs every Saturday and Sunday at Rose Kohn arena. We hire professional coaches and accept player from Division 1-4 in this program. The players will be grouped into separate ice times based on age/skill level. The cost of this program is roughly 1/2 the cost of a spring team with no tryouts required. The program offers the same 20 hrs of ice time at a consistent time and location throughout the spring making it easy to plan around family or other sports.

Are the Goalie fees the same as players on a Havoc Spring Team?

Yes the fees are the same for goalies as players. However we do allow for a $250 credit towards goalie position specific training out of those fees which can be used starting in January prior to the spring your child is playing. The credit expires the last day of the spring season.

Do you take 2 goalies on all Havoc Spring Teams?

Yes, typically we will select 2 goalies for the teams. There are many reason we prefer 2 goalies however on occasion we have made decisions to only take 1 goalie. We understand this can really benefit the goalie to play all the games but there is very high risk for our teams and the success of the team long term in doing this. We prefer to offer the opportunity for more goalies to develop over the long terms and will always seek to include 2 goalies on every team. This also offers a connection & unique friendship for the goalies which they may not have with other players on the team. The goalies will also push each other to be the best that they can be.

How many players are on a Havoc Spring Team?

We never take more than 15 skaters and 2 goalies on a team. On occasion we may decide to keep a small roster of 10-15 skaters and 1 goalie. This certainly affects the estimated cost per players should be take less players but at times this may or may not affect the competitive level of the team if travelling to tournaments. These decisions are left up to the Havoc Selection Team.

Does Havoc offer Female Only Teams?

YES! We will be having a U12 Female Elite team and hope to have a U10 Female Elite team for the 2018 Spring Season!

Do you allow players to tryout or join older Spring teams?

We do not have an issue if a player wishes to tryout for an older team but we encourage all Elite players to stay together with other Elite players of the same birth year. We have found after 8 years of experience the ideal situation for everyone is that all the top players stay and grow together. Just because players are older does not always mean the same commitment level, hockey IQ or competitive drive. Parents should keep this in mind when considering which teams they want their child to be a part of.

How many games does a Havoc Spring Team play?

Havoc Spring teams will receive 20-30 hrs of ice for development/practices. This ice is NOT to be used for exhibition games. The teams also do NOT play in a league. Havoc Spring Teams are formed to provide highly skilled players the opportunity to practice with like-skilled and like minded players. They are also provided the opportunity to showcase their skills at tournaments. This is where the games come into the program. Each Tournament will offer 4-6 games over a 3 day weekend. Each Havoc team will enter 1-4 tournaments over the spring season depending on the team. Occasionally the team may add extra cash call money to their team budget to add additional exhibition games locally (covering ice/ref costs). This is not to be expected and we don't encourage teams to be playing a lot of extra games.

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